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Summit Overview

The 3rd Annual Gas Supply Chain Management Summit is filling a hole in the market. At this event you shall be able to discuss with industry experts the most pressing industry concerns, the role of gas in the energy mix, the future of gas supply and gas trading or the trends in gas storage. There is also a question about European shale gas and what are the prospects for this trend in strict European regulatory climate.
With a speaker’s panel that boasts senior experts from Gazprom, Statoil, E.ON, Central European Gas Hub, the RWE Gas storage and more, this event offers you the opportunity to engage with your fellow professionals on a one to one level, discuss your challenges in depth and return to your company with fresh concrete ideas to move forward.

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Representatives from over 20 leading companies in attendance
Over 10 hours of networking with industry peers

Gas vs. Renewables : Are the renewables the main cause of gas demand destruction? 
In-depth discussion on changes to Gas Storage: Long Term vs Short Term Contracts
Interactive panel discussion on Gas and its Role in Europe’s Energy Mix

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Gazprom Marketing & Trading: Riccardo Rossi, Regulatory Affairs
Statoil: Julio Dal Poz, Head of Transaction Support, Global Strategy and Business Development
Central European Gas Hub: Gottfried Steiner, CEO
RWE Gas Storage: Pavel Kopecký,Senior Analyst & Risk Manager
Energy Research Institute RAS Tatiana Mitrova, Head of Oil and Gas Department

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Why should you attend:

  • • Get the complete picture of the latest and future developments in the gas and energy markets
  • • Learn advantages and challenges of renewables and what it means for the gas industry
  • • Weigh storage value and recent developments in European Gas Storage
  • • Learn how to cope with lower gas demand and what are the possible demand drivers
  • • Consider the way renewable gasses can be traded via certificates
  • • Explore the most powerful strategies
  • • Discuss the long term and short term contract and learn about the pros and cons of both
  • • Discover what influence the regulatory landscape can have on your business



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